My Flock of 6 :PIC HEAVY: Update 3/10


Theron's Fowl Farm
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Nov 15, 2009
Midland, MI
I have a total of 6 chickens: 5 hens and 1 rooster.
I started raising chickens last year in August.
First it started with 3 chicks from the local fair.
I have gotten rid of one of the original three.
He turned out to be a rooster who did not like the
silkie sisters we got around Thanksgiving.
Three months ago we added two more birds,
an Ameraucana hen and rooster.
So far, the birds are all getting along quite well.

This here is Big Bird:

He is the new rooster. He is a great ladies man. He doesn't even mate with any of the hens (go figure). He has protected his hens from a stray cat and a flock of crows. Hopefully he doesn't turn to the dark side any time soon.

This here is ???? (No Name Yet) Any suggestions?:

Big Bird and her came to live with us about three months ago. She is quite scared and nervous most of the time. Sometimes she will eat out of my hand. My favorite thing about her is her coloring. Very unique IMO. I get a very nice greenish blue egg from her.

This is Daisy:

Daisy is a non-bearded silkie. She is the top hen in the totem pole. I get an egg from her about 6 times a week. She can be picked up and once you have a hold of her she doesn't mind, but when your trying to catch her is the problem.

This here is ???? (No Name Yet) Any Suggestions?:

This is Daisy's sister. She is quite a bit smaller than Daisy and more violent than Daisy. When you try to pick her up, she pecks you. Once you have a hold of her, though, she starts to make cooing noises. I get an egg from her about every other day.

This is Dawn:

Dawn is 1 of the original 3 and she is an EE. She is the third hen on the totem pole. Dawn likes to be picked up. She also loves being carried around and falls asleep when you pet her beard. When you stop petting, she gets mad and pecks and flies up on your shoulder for more attention. She is my second favorite chicken.

This is Midnight:

Midnight is my most favorite chicken out of all of them. She loves to be cuddled, getting carried around, having her beard petted, and is best friends with my two guinea pigs. Her and Dawn are also inseparable and cry for each other when they are out of each others sight. I adore her markings and personality.

The rooster I got rid of was named Feather Foot. He was a cochin mix. He was good with Dawn and Midnight, but when the silkie sisters came along, his personality changed. He is now living peacefully at my uncles farm with 11 hens to take care of. Thanks for reading about my chickens and have a great day.


BTW: Four more chickens on their way..... Hopefully.
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Jan 6, 2010
southern ohio
love them.very nice flock.make sure you keep us updated now that you are posting such wonderful pictures.beautiful birds.


Theron's Fowl Farm
10 Years
Nov 15, 2009
Midland, MI
Yesterday before the end of school my dad lost one of my chickens, Midnight! We looked for almost two hours and had no luck. We got out her sister, Dawn and she just kind of wandered around. All of a sudden out of the blue, Midnight comes out of the brush pile like ten feet away from the coop. We also clipped the small silkies head feathers because she could not see. She can see now though.

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