My Freedom rangers moved


10 Years
Dec 22, 2009
Pinckney, Michigan
I had processed all but 4 of my freedom rangers. Apparently they were lonely or thought I wouldn't notice but they moved in with my layer hens. I usually close them up after dark and when I went to let the birds out in the morning the rangers were in there. They were in a coop in the back corner of my yard. The layer coop is about 50 yards away. I thought it was pretty funny.
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Never thought of it that way!
Recently, I also left out 4 Freedom Rangers from butchering. I already had layers who roost on some cypress limbs I placed at the top of the coop. Every night, the silly Rangers looked longly at the hens roosting. Finally, I built a "ramp" so the Rangers could walk up to the roosting limbs. There were some integration difficulty but now all the hens roost in the same area.

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