My gaggle of hens :D


Apr 21, 2015
Hellooo! I am fairly new here and I just wanted to show off how big my girls are getting. They're so crazy and I love them all.

I finally figured out what their breeds are, so I'm very happy to know! Now if I can remember who is who, then I'll be good.

Meet my ladies.

4 Golden Comets (Yuna, Peach, Lil B, Zelda)
2 White Leghorns (Phyllis and Eleanor)
Frizzle Bantam (Ms. Frizzle (formerly known as Chip))
White Cochin Bantam (Oswin (formerly known as Dale))

So excited about these girls. My custom coop is being delivered tomorrow! They've outgrown their brooder. Time for them to go outside.
Awe how cute. Love the frizzle one. ,there are so many options I find myself getting one or two of different breeds. Don't just love one kind :) im fairly new here also. I have 4 grown chickens ( 3 golden sex links, 1 buff Brahma). 3-4 eggs a day from them. Its been so much fun that I got 6 new pullets this spring. 2 barred rock, 1 white rock, 2 white orps and a speckled Sussex that sits on my lap every morning now for past couple of mornings. Its her spot now :) welcome to BYC and keep us updated as they grow and pictures are always a joy. :D
My 6 babies 8 weeks old now. The speckled Sussex is so hard to see in pic but she's there.
Thank you! I can't wait until they're less skittish. I hold them all every day. But they still freak out when I try. Weirdos.
Chickens have been so fun!

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