My gander is very confused!


10 Years
Feb 10, 2009
I'm brand new to geese. My 10-mth. old African brown goose & gander have been mating for several weeks. He was rough at first & I was afraid for her & wasn't even certain that I had a couple, so I separated them. When one began to lay & one didn't I figured I had a pair. Yesterday, I let them roam freely about the yard together & he made absolutely no attempts to breed her & in fact, barely even noticed her. But, he became very interested in my 20-yr old son, who is not very complimented at this attention. That was until our male German shepherd came outside. Bosley then began a new infatuation. I've never seen anything like it - but as I say, I'm a newbie to geese. He usually hates our four dogs & chases after them nipping them if he can. Barron was watchful but he allowed the gander to follow him around like a good boy. Bosley paid no attention to our other shepherds who are females. This continued until I called the dogs inside. What on earth is going on? He was also a lot sweeter period to everyone yesterday. I really expected him to be worse from what I've read. FYI - he was incubator hatched & reared with lots of hands-on attention in our home until he was 3 mths. old. Then we put them both in a safe area outside. He still got lots of attention but he had gotten much less friendly to us, not being aggressive but avoiding us completely when he could. I need help & any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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