My girl is missing.(happy update)

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  1. Today, my barred rock of 22 weeks came up missing. She usually stays in her coop, or free range at night. The roo sleeps outside and free ranges. She has never gone off alone and has a favorite roost in the coop that you could always find her on. We have been waiting for her first egg and just know it was anyday now. I looked all over the place and no sign of her. The roo is looking for her too, i'm worried something got to my girl and i feel really bad. She was very sweet. She would always hop in your lap for a grape.

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  2. nccatnip

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    Oh, I would be so worried if one of my girls was missing. I hope you find her safe and sound.
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    I'm sorry, I hope you find her!
  4. Lothiriel

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    i know how scared you can feel - i hope you find her soon, and safe!
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    Oh so sorry. Hopefully she will show up soon. Maybe she just went somewhere quite to lay her first egg? Keep us posted!
  6. The other day our BR (19 wks) went ‘missing’ and I could not believe my reaction. I threw myself on the bed sobbing. It turned out she was laying her first egg and had gone back into the coop. So, as was stated before, maybe she is out finding a place to lay.

    I know how you feel b/c they can be so sweet. I hope she turns up safe and sound. I think they get a bit strange at laying time.
  7. I found her!!! I can't believe it. Last night i cried over her, dh thought i was nuts. I know she's just a chicken but i love her.
    We found her stuck in a hole in the ground under a neighbors tractor. It's just a few hundred feet from her coop. A few feathers missing but no real damage. My neighbor saw me calling her last night and said we had heard some squawking this morning very faint. They called me and asked if i had lost a chicken, because it was not one of his. It's a good thing he found her before he started it up because he had just put the baler on to do hay. She was dehydrated, scared but so happy to see us. He thinks maybe she was chased by a predator or dog and got stuck in the hole. She ate and drank for over 30 min when i got her home and stayed cuddled with my daughter most of the morning. I think if she could tell us she would have quite a story to tell. Thanks everyone!
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    I love happy endings!!!!
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    So happy to hear she's okay [​IMG]
  10. Great news! I know exactly how you feel.[​IMG]

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