my girl is wheezing with an occasional bark, any ideas??

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  1. smash

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    Apr 12, 2012
    I took her to a vet..felt he know little about chickens. she is two yrs old, he said she is thin. I have noticed a little weight loss. She had an egg abbout 4 hrs after her vet visit when he told me there was no egg..blockage.The egg is very normal.
    He probed her throat as far down as his scope would reach and saw nothing, not to say something could be lodged,,. we were sent home w anibiotics and i have her seperated from my other girls.She is eating, I made her some rice,,shreaded apple.. She poop'd runny but I didnt think to see if any worms were present' I'll do that in the a.m. So the constant noise is about 6-12 wheezes then a little bark. the only time she isnt doing it is when she is asleep. Anyone delt w/this?

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