My girls bottom, with picture....please help me.

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May 28, 2009
Our 1 year old hen, Myra, is having trouble with her bottom. Her poopy sticks and clumps around her bottom and she has lost most of her feathers and it's very red.

She is acting fine and laying good.

We have treated the coop with Seven dust and also cleaned her bottom with warm, soapy water and then dusted her bottom with poultry dust.

We have 4 hens, all get along great and they are in a big coop and run.

Thank you so very much for any help you can offer me.

Here is a picture of her bottom:


I have a 1 year old Barred Rock with exactly the same thing. I've washed her butt, poop likes to stick to it. I don't know what she has either. No bugs so maybe it's "diaper rash"? She's the only one in my flock that has it too.

She is NOT moulting so I know that's not it.
Right, because it's only 1 chicken in the flock, makes me think that it's not mites. I hope someone comes along and has an answer to this problem since it seems to be quite common.
Is she acting at all lethargic, and having runny white diarrhea? This looks very similar to what one of my girls has been going through for about a month now. I've ruled out worms, gleet, and various other things...what I am left with is a form of coccidiosis (Eimeria acervulina). Here is a link, maybe it will help you diagnose your poor girl.
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I've got one like that, too. She's a little over a year old. Recently her butt fur was really streaked with hard crusty poop, so I finally decided I had enough, broke down, and washed her butt -- in our bathtub, LOL! Shh, DH doesn't know.

It was a warm day and the flock was outside in the yard. I dried her off, and saw a patch about 2" in diameter right, below her vent, that was red and plucked bare. When she went back out, her friends went around to her behind and started foraging on the red spot, picking & pulling at it. She's one of the "big bosses" but she seemed not to mind a bit. So I brought her inside, sprayed Blu-Kote on the red patch turning it dark purple, and put her out again. And her friends went around to her backside, but no longer saw the red spot and went back to foraging the lawn. She's not broody, not molting, no lice, no mites. She's healthy and very active. I do crush up a couple cloves of raw garlic for my flock, once a week. It seems to help keep away parasites, and they love it.
I noticed this on a few of my hens as well and was worried until I noticed that it was only the rooster's "favorites" that were like that. This is gross sorta but I took it as when he did his thing and finished/missed, it stuck the feathers together and made them sticky and the sticky feathers picked up bedding in them. The other hens I noticed would pick at this til they picked the feathers out and those hens were left bare back there. It's more in the longer feathered hens than the Orpingtons I have.
I've got DE in both coops and keep them dusted as well and they all lay like crazy and have normal poop so I'm gathering that it's just what I described and not mites or anything else. Maybe this will help you?
I have not noticed any of the other hens feather picking. We have no roosters.

Thank you all for your input on this.

Anyone else have any help they could offer....thank you.

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