My girls seem bored in their run. Suggestions?


8 Years
May 13, 2011
I let my girls out every evening for a few hours, but during the day when I check on them as I'm running errands or what not, they're just sitting there looking so bored. What sorts of things can I throw in there for entertainment? I do put some greens in on occasion. Do I just need to be more diligent about putting snacks in there for them to peck at? Or is this just the nature of a cooped up chicken?
IMO both..... I need to start ending a lot of sentences with "after all they ARE chickens".

I have a wire ball gizmo that holds lettuce, and has a bell on the bottom. They really like pecking the lettuce out---and I think the bell is for my amusement. I have a ball that you can fill with sunflower seeds that distributes it out as they roll the ball. I put that on a hard surface (usually not in the run) and tell my visitors that the chickens are playing soccer. Eating, dust bathing and cogitating are some of their favorite activites. They do have access to a dust bath right?
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They have dirt in their run and I see them bathing in it, so I'd say yes... but, we are switching to gravel/sand soon. Will they dust bathe in that? Or, should I try to rig something up for their bathing pleasure?
Mine forage in the morning, sit on the perch, in the sun if it is a cool morning, and when first let out, they flap their wings, and run and may even take a short flight.

By early after noon, they are all just resting enjoying the cooler weather.

BVy late afternoon, they have retreated to the back side of the coop for shade, and then they take turns dustbathing.

By evening they are back around front, and forage again. Treats are provided, some days more than others. Depends on my work schedule, and how well my garden is doing, and last what we had for dinner.

I guess they are okay, they seem happy, but may take some suggestions from the above post !!
I went to the pet store and bought a suet box to stuff with goodies and hang in their run. I'm hoping it will add come excitement in their lives. lol!
I have thrown a flock block in the coop to remedy boredom pecking. It worked really well, although the flies really liked it also. I will only use the flock block in winter.
Mine really like the Flock Block too (agree about the flies). I've noticed if it is in the run for a couple days, they get bored with it. I'll take it out for a day or two, then put it back in. They get excited all over again. Little chicken brains
I'm gonna have to try this Flock Block. I hope I can find one around Portland. I'll bet s/h would be high since they are so big.
I cut cucumbers in half and hang them in the run. They will pick them down to an empty shell in no time flat. Hang them a little high and make them jump for them once they figure out what they are. Mine start jumping up to grab them while I am trying to hang them.

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