My goat had a miscarriage this morning!


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And i didnt even know she was pregnant!

Talk about a shock and horror.
THis is what happend..
Back in may/june i gave my 2 goats to a local lady. (big mistake #1!)
One was a French Alpine Wether
the other was a papered Nigi dwarf doe (she was born in march)
So...i gave this lady my 2 goats with the promise that she would keep my wether always..OR he comes back to me..( i was worried about someone sending him to auction for meat..
) Thats why i GAVE her my $350 guarantee that my weather not be sent to auction..
So... a couple of weeks ago she calls me and says she cant keep my weather anymore...
so i say okay...i'll take him back...but i need my Nigi back also..because i cant keep just one goat..its cruel. Nigi is only 25 lbs ...VERY small!..
She should have NEVER been running with bucks! There is no way she could live through a pregnancy...
so...of course this lady was letting her run with the bucks!!...
AND....she never told me this when she returned her..
so....come to this morning...
My foster son went out to let them out and feed them...and there was a dead baby (fully formed..but with no hair yet) and my frickin pig was trying to EAT it!

Now..before you ask...the pigs have been fine with my goats...always.
But.. if i had known she was pregnant i would NEVER have had her in with my pigs! I am SO mad and hurt right now. This ladies neglect almost cost this little goat her life!

Sorry for being a drama queen..
but i am sooo stressed right now!
We just got back from the vets...
they x-rayed her..there are no more babies in her. but she still has placenta hanging from her. the vet said it will come out on its own..
Is there any other thing i need to look for? How will i know she expelled the whole placenta? Is there any thing else i need to do for her??

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OMG! Sorry you went through this. I know nothing about Goats having babies. I would search and see if you can find anything that shows an entire placenta so you can compare when she expels hers. I can tell in a horse but not a goat. I would try to keep her isolated until she expels it and keep a close eye on her as she may try to eat it. Hope you can find a pic for comparison and that you will be able to tell. 99% of the time they will expel completely.
You might also PM Helmsted or Ravenshaven they both have lots of goat experience.
and..and and...

when i had the little baby goat in my hands..walking through the yard to leave for the flippin goose decides to do a full all out attack on me! I got goose bite boo boo's.

he picked a baaaad time..

Thanks Quail and lockedhearts...
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You are not being a "drama queen" at all!! To most of us, our animals are part of the family......even like our "kids" sometimes! Unfortunately, there are some very irresponsible people out there! At least you have her home now & know she will be taken care of.

I am so sorry for your loss & wish a speedy recovery for your Nigi!!

I'm so sorry you had to deal with this. I had a similar situation last January. I bought a doe from a BYC member and she never told me that it was possible that her brother might have bred her at 2 months old
So when Daisy was 7 months old I went out the the goat shed to find she had given birth to twins. I was furious, scared and crying. The kids only lived 4 days
If I would've know she was bred then I could've been giving her more grain, vitamins...etc she needed. Since then I've made it my goal to learn all I can about my animals and what to look for. Daisy was my first doe so I had NO idea what to look for.

I'm so sorry you lost the little one
Shame on that lady for allowing it to happen

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