My Guinea was Snatched!


10 Years
May 18, 2009
I had finally found where two of my guineas were laying, and was taking some eggs and putting them in the incubator, and leaving some there. We had a couple rainly days and I didn't go through the brush to get the eggs and then the guinea decided to sit. Okay.

This morning when my husband was leaving for work, he said, I think something got the guinea, there are a lot of feathers and no guinea. Sure enough, it appears something snatched her off the nest. Too close to the house to be coyote, must have been raccoon or skunk. Very sad. I picked up all the eggs, which were cold, and decided what the heck, candle them.

Some were clear and some looked like they were a week and a half into development. I didn't see anything move but I put about 8 in the incubator which was on anyway. I candled them several hours later and there are definate signs of life in them! I thought for sure they were too cold. It was about 9 am when I got them, they must have been without the guinea for at least several hours. I should have put more in the incubator, but I really didn't think there was any chance anything was still viable. Those are some tough eggs! And here I stress if the incubator is off a degree for more than a half hour!
I've had chicken eggs sit all night at 60F after a broody was taken and then hatched every last egg in the bator. Eggs survive cooling better than over heating.
Don't count out the coyote! I have had them come up 10 feet from my bedroom window and start yepping and after I got off the celing and got a gun, it was gone. It is startling to look out your window and see a coyote 10 feet from you.

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