My Guineas and bouts with predators & road

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    ragnar: We have 28 chickens and 5 guineas and they have been raised together since they were 1 week old. They get along great, I was told that raising them together has a taming influence on the guineas and they are more likely to emulate the chickens in coming in every night. They are 6 weeks old now so they won't be free ranging for a couple of months which gives them plenty of time to imprint that the coop is home.

    My Guineas were even hatched and raised by chicken hens. After a time, they became dominant & bossy over the chickens. I have noticed that the adult Guineas don't pick on the chicken hens that were their mamas but will pick on other hens and the roosters.

    Mine too used to go in and roost with the chickens until they got to be about 9 months old (a few would roost out sometimes). They suddenly ALL started roosting in the trees and on the roof of my tractor ramp/ shed. The younger ones (hatched this summer) soon joined them out. Maybe with only 5, yours will stay with the chickens.

    btw, apparently over the owl attack, four of my adult Guineas took to the trees to roost last night but thank goodness, no owl. The rest went in again.​

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