My Guineas are disappearing


10 Years
Jan 12, 2010
Anderson, CA
I have had guineas for about 4 years. At first only a pair and then one of their chicks. Then this last year a "stray" came to visit and stayed. No idea where she came from, no one raising Guineas within a 1/4 mile of me. They always hung together and stayed in my yard and slept in the trees. Last summer I bought some keets so at the beginning of this Spring I had 11 Guineas. At the time not certain how many of each sex.

One day I found a dead one, just laying in the driveway. A few days later another. No signs of injury, just dead. Then another was missing and I found it a month later dead under a tree in the orchard. Not sure why they died; thought maybe they had been fighting as all the dead ones were Toms.

But the strangest thing is that they are just starting to disappear. At first I thought maybe the hens were sitting somewhere and would come home, but they haven't. I am down to 4 birds. They sleep in trees at night and there are no coyotes on my land during the day. It is almost entirely fenced and a large part is protected by my LGDs. So my question is this, do guineas just wander off? Will they form a flock elsewhere, like turkeys? I have no idea where they are going, it really bothers me. I only have one close neighbors and the guineas aren't going to their house. Is there something that would be taking them out of trees at night without leaving feathers everywhere? They don't wander far during the day but I am not sure if they are disappearing at night or in the daylight, I never can count them at night. I just know that they are missing. Any ideas?
First of all I would like to say sorry for your gone lovely ones.
Although I'm not sure but would guess.
1. guineas can die of cold but that's rare.
2. An owl, eagle, hawj would tear it apart. still not the point.
3. sickness, can kill guineas but guineas but either rare.

I would suspect a snake, I have had a duck and a broody hen killed by a ring neck spitting cobra, that had made it home under an old wheel-burrow behind their coop. Oneday when I was outside the garden, I heard a noise in the coop, the muscovy duck was nesting in the corner of the coop close to the hen. I heard the quaking, and thought the silly other hens just finished up laying. I went there. :O at the door a pullet hen was flipping its wings. I nearly fainted when my eyes meet with the eyes of a devol. we killed the snake as it did to a hen.
the snake killed my hen because it was trying to eat her eggs.

best wishes*

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