My heart is melting over this...such sweet chickens.


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Apr 22, 2011
The worst happened this morning: a raccoon attack while my 9 week old pullets were out free ranging. I was there and intervened, so the raccoon didn't kill Esme (the attacked pullet), but he maimed her eye. I got the other girls back inside (they still sleep in a brooder at night) and rushed Esme to the vet. Once we got home, rather than put her in the brooder (aka: the giant box) where the other chickens might peck at the wounds, I put Esme into a small box (quarantine) next to the giant one. The girls were very curious about Esme. When I came back later to check on her (she was asleep from the painkiller the vet administered), the girls were sitting on top of the giant box, where they could look down and watch her. I came back later to check again, and one of her "sisters" had jumped down into the small box and was lying next to the still sleeping Esme. The way her "sister" was cooing, I could tell she had no intention of pecking Esme, just providing comfort. She has since gone back to sitting on top of the giant box, and she and the others are watching over Esme as I write this. I had no idea chickens could be so sweet!
They can be so comforting to one another at times of hurt and stress. That cooing sound is so beautiful and soothing and I've seen it a lot. It's a lovely selfless thing when they help each other like that and I wish everyone alive could witness it and know that these can be caring, giving beings.
Hope your little one will be okay.
How sweet! I'm actually tearing up over it.

Chickens are truly magnificent creatures. Their personalities can be so entertaining and soothing to watch. If I ever had to return to urban life it is they who I would miss the most.
Chickens are such great animals. Flock members can get so closely bonded.
I sure hope your girl recovers quickly. Poor little thing.
Aww its so sweet. I'm glad you at least were around and saw the raccoon before anything worse could happen. She'll be ok without her eye once she heals up. Its so sweet that her sibling snuck in with her.
We havent had any deadly/ dangerous incidents yet but I just know that my girls are bonded. They follow eachother everywhere and they all get along great!

So cool to hear about these stories some people dont think of chickens as having feelings and emotions but I believe that they know when another one in the flock/ family is in trouble and will help them trough it all!! Bad story with a GREAT ending!!

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