My hen, Delita


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Oct 31, 2020
She was raised with 4 others and also the only one brave enough to just waltz right into my home any time she feels like it. She almost always takes my bed and rumbles through the comforter and gets it just right then lays right in the middle of her mess and sleeps.. lol first time I was amazed at her then Delita decides to do it again and again. I paid a lot of mo ey for my hand crocheted bedding but she takes and wads it up like she needs a good lesson in but I do love my little white leghorn. She a real fine hen..


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Delita sounds adorable, despite her disregard for expensive bedding. I have a house chicken -- long story -- who really likes perching, and therefore pooping -- on the back of an antique rocking chair with a caned back and seat. It's a lovely piece that is now covered with a plastic garbage bag.

You gotta love those girls!

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