My hen is limping on her left leg……any ideas that would help her. NEED HELP FROM CHICKEN LAND!!!!!!

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    Sep 29, 2013
    My little hen is limping. I picked her up and her pad on her foot as well as her leg look fine. My rooster sometimes picks on her. Our roost is about 3 ft. high. They have a pen and nice house….not sure what is going on and would like some thoughts from the pros and helpful chicken owners out there!!!!
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    Most likely she jumped down from a high place, possibly the 3' high roost and sprained or pulled a tendon or ligament. Lower their roosts and eliminate other high places where they can jump down from.
    I recommend that you place your hen in a cage or crate for rest and relaxation giving time for the injury to heal. You dont want her up and running around aggravating the injury making it worse. Dont give her pain meds, you want her to feel pain as not to walk further aggravating the injury. While she's caged, provide her feed and water. You can purchase vitamin B complex tablets at pharmacy, crush a few into powder and sprinkle it over her feed to eat. The vitamin B complex may help speed up recovery. Then in 5 days, release your hen and see if she is walking normal. If not, recage her for 7 days and continue the vitamin B complex treatment. Then release her again and see if she is walking normal. If not, stop the vitamin B complex treatment.
    Leg injuries take time to heal. Sometimes they heal in a week, several weeks or months, or never. There may come a time if there isnt improvement, you might have to make a choice whether or not her quality of life is at issue and address it accordingly, even if you have to cull. Good luck.

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