My hen is limping

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    I posted this yesterday but did not get any responses. I have a 3 yr old Americauna hen and since the day we got her she would limp every "once in a blue moon" but this time it seems worse because now she wants to hold the leg under her and try to hop on the other leg. I have never seen it like this. I did get a hold of her and checked the leg, there is no swelling and it seems to all be in order. So should I be concerned that something else is going on?[​IMG]
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    Quote:Sorry you haven't gotten any responses. Kind of hard with so little info. You are sure it's not bumblefoot.
    You say she's limped a little for as long as you've had her. How long is that?
    I'm really just guessing, but maybe try vitamins & electrolites. Sometimes poor nutritional intake and/or vitamin deficiency can cause lameness.
    Is vet an option?

    Good luck

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    You checked the bottom of her foot carefully? My first thought was bumblefoot too. Look for a scab and possible swelling on the pad of her foot. I'm not sure what it could be if not that, but I would try to cage her separately for a few days so that she can rest it and you can observe her.

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