my hen is missing! It's like it disappeared.


10 Years
Sep 29, 2009
I have 4 hens that I enjoy letting out of their pen to peck around the yard. Two of them just started laying eggs. They always stay together and stay fairly close to their pen. I had gone inside for about 10 min. When I came out, 3 of them were pecking away but one was missing. There is no shred of evidence or "fowl" play anywhere! No feathers, nothing. It was in the middle of the day on Saturday..We looked everywhere. Not a sign. What could of happened? Is it unsafe to let them free roam around the yard? I haven't seen hawks but I do see alot of black birds.. i think crows. Do they eat chickens? I'm sorry, I'm so new at this. I hate to lose another!
She could be hiding sitting on some eggs somewhere? Check in your shrubs are anywhere else she could hide a nest. I hope you find her, but it sounds to me like maybe a dog did a snatch a dash with her. Sorry, I hope this is not the case.
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