My hen is ten months today, and no eggs :(

Is she ready?

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8 Years
Oct 11, 2011
What could be going on? She's a wheaten maran- and we are sure she is not laying- not hidden nests or anything. I really hope she starts soon, I can't imagine why she isn't. She is not squatting- but that may just be because she's really flighty. She does have a pretty reddish comb/wattles, but not as big as some of our chickens.
She has been wormed/treated for mites, and appears to be healthy.
Does she look ready? This is from when she's about 37 weeks, and she hasn't changed much since then:

Wow 10 months! Her comb and wattle are bright red, meaning she's either about to start laying soon or she's already laying (The size of the comb does not matter). Do you keep them in the coop during the day or let your chickens go around your backyard? If you let them go in the backyard she might be laying somewhere in the yard. I'd say she looks ready
Unfortunatally I'm postive she's not already laying, but I'm glad to hear it looks like she will soon!
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Are you feeding her laying feed? If not get some! I don't know if this has any bearing or not but I was waiting for mine to start laying and one day I fed them water melon and the next day I had eggs! And every time i fed them water melon they would lay more the next day. 11/11.

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