My hens are dieing


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Sep 8, 2013
Marengo ohio
I just got my chickens a week ago and they started dieing yesterday ! they stand around on one leg and sleep alot . the coop is new we got the feed from a feed store they have freash water every day the only other thing they atet was a tomato they just go to sleep and dont wake up yester day the one that died was picking at wood and diging down in the dirt we have them in a fence because it all new they were free range when we got them the guy said they are a year old I dont know any help thank you
Get some Corid liquid or powder in the cattle meds section of the feedstore. It is the best treatment for coccidiosis. I'm not positive that is what is killing your chickens, but it is a common illness that happens when chickens are brought from one place where they are immune to a new place with a new strain of cocci. It won't hurt your chickens to medicate them, but it may save lives. Corid is 2 teaspoons of liquid Corid or 1 1/2 tsp of powder to 1 gallon water--treat all birds for 5 days. If they don't have Corid, get Albon, Di-Methox, or Sulfamed-G which are all sulfadimethoxine brands. It is not as good as Corid for cocci, but is good plus contains an antibiotic.
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It will be better for them to be outside in the fresh air on grass since coccidiosis is very contagious in a confined coop. Provide clean shavings and make sure it is dry. After treatment (5-7 days,) give them vitamins in their water and a probiotic or plain yogurt to get their intestinal bacteria back to normal.
Thank you treated chickens we have 7 girls now they are health and laying live in ohio it's been cold we put in a heat lamp in we are now up to 4 eggs a day we keep the coop clean and clean water have a lot to learn but enjoy my chickens
Heating the henhouse is not necessarily a good idea. Chickens do not need heat, properly ventilated, draft free housing is much more healthy. I have owned chickens for nearly 50 years and have never heated a coop.

I do however put a light bulb in the coop to extend their daylight hours. This helps with egg production. It also gets the girls off the perch and moving around eating during part of the long cold night.

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