my hens are loosing all there back feathers !!!!! help please


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May 4, 2015
ireland co.monaghan
i was out looking at the flock of hens and It came to my surprize that the hens backs feathers is all comeing off . at first I tought they were moulding but then I noticed that one of my hens were badly cut .. so im just wondering is it the rooster and what can I do to him to makie him stop.. all I have is 5 hens and a rooster , hes 2 years old .. please help as you can see on this buff Orpington she is badly hit ....... here Is the image of the cut hen


Apr 7, 2015
you can try everything but the pecking order is a way of life my recommendation would be to separate the cut hen so it heals and then reintroduce it to give it a chance although if you do that there is the chance that it will be picked on again because its "new"


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Jan 10, 2013
I've bought 8 new hens and that leaves me with 12 hens and one rooster .. how do I get him to stop picking on this one hen with the cut
Spray the raw areas with bluekote to help cover the injury. Put hen saddles on those gals. There are some posts on hen saddles in the forums on how to measure or sew or how to make some without sewing. I gave those links to someone earlier this year, if you decide to try the saddles and cannot find the links, let me know and I'll try to help find them.

If you cannot stop this, consider time out of the roo and make sure he's the culprit.

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