My hens are still bare back from the winter


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Oct 16, 2012
My hens are still bare back from the winter. They were about 4or 5 months when they started to molt and the winter was setting in. Our roosters were very eager and well you know. Not only their backs but their butts are bare. I have separated the roosters and we have lost a few hens so our flock is smaller now then it was. The hens are not fighting and dont seem to be pecking each other anymore since the roosters are not with them. They are so much calmer now! Well it has been a month and only a few of the hens are even growing back their feathers. Most of the ones that had lost so many feathers are not growing back and there is no cuts, scars or any blood. They are all healed. Why are most of the hens not growing their feathers back? Im at a loss and Im scared they are going to get sun burned back there and I just dont know what to do. I have tried all that I can think off. Also I kept getting people saying mites. I have checked for mites and dont see anything. I have also dusted just in case. Anyone have any ideas?
You can step up the protein in their diet...helps the feathers grow in faster and possibly use a 'saddle' on the girls rumps. You can purchase them or make them and it protects their saddles from over amorous roosters!
The roosters are not with them anymore and havent been for a month so the saddles are not the issue.
...just figured if they have bare backs whether or not your boys are in the henhouse, the saddles will help...but keep in mind the extra makes a big difference in how quickly the feathers re-grow!
What is good for upping the protein? They are on layer pellets right now.
I have found that chopped,hard boiled eggs + plain low-fat yougurt mixed together is a favorite! I also feed cooked chicken ( I know it sounds awful) and sometimes mix it w/yougurt or some veggies. Dried mealworms will have them doing tricks! Lol. TSC has something called super kibble which is balanced and higher in protein. You can use any type of meat that's not fatty...don't need chubby chooks! Lol

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