My hen's cluck has changed - is this normal?

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    I realize how absurd this might sound, but my Buff Orpington's cluck has gone from a regular hen cluck to this low warbly noise - it's been about 3 days now. She is acting a little "off" too. Nothing major... she appears to still be laying eggs. When I bring in treats she's hanging back and not coming up to eat them like she normally does. I even tried bringing in a seperate treat for her, but she just backs away from it. Even my hubby, who isn't as into the chickens as I am, asked me why one of the chickens sounds different.... of course I knew it was my BO who sounds weird.

    Is this just a normal thing... or something I should keep an eye on? Otherwise she appears healthy. I checked her over today and other than having a dirty belly (lots of soil on her belly feathers - unusual for her) she seemed okay. Clear eyes, alert, strong etc. Her poo did seem a bit watery today, but I know their poo goes in cycles of watery and solid so again, it might be normal.

    Just thought it doesn't hurt to err on the side of caution and ask on here - rather than wait until something bad happens and wish I'd asked up front. I was wondering if there is anything I should be giving her incase she's feeling a bit under the weather - vitamins or yogurt or something?

    Thanks all!! As always I appreciate your advice.
  2. How old is she? As pullets grow into hens, they do make many different sounds. Before I had chickens I had NO IDEA how many different sounds they could make!

    If she's full grown, though (1+), it might be a bit more unusual. If she weren't laying eggs, I'd say maybe she's thinking of growing broody? Broody hens do make the most interesting sounds!

    I hope she's OK, and that she's just diversifying!

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