My hens have taken to wandering way up in the neighbor's yard


9 Years
May 13, 2010

He's not going to like that. He is pretty particular about his lawn. One step in chicken poop and I'll bet he is on my doorstep.

I need to keep those hens contained. Some are 1 yr. old, some are 2 yrs. old, and they have never traveled like this before, but the rooster died this spring and I wonder if he helped to keep them contained.

How do I fix this problem? We have woods, and I believe they are going thru the woods, which also adjourn his yard. Either that or they're just walking up the driveway.

I need to get the flexible vinyl fencing from Lowes - I believe it's about $12 for 50 feet - and then just staple gun it to the trees on the property line and see if I can't get them to stay home.

Does anyone have any recommendations for keeping your hens on your property? We have 12 acres, but naturally, they like the neighbors' better.

Should I try to herd them with the dreaded rake when (IF) I see them heading up there?


9 Years
Oct 2, 2010
western Oregon
What is wrong with a good fence? clip the wings if they fly over, they are your birds. You can put a feeder out and keep it full it does help.

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