My Hens Leg Issue?

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    one of my hens has hurt its leg, it is not walking right? and sometimes it falls on the floor and tries to get back up but just keeps flapping its wing and rolling on the floor? how do i fix this? could she have broken her left? its the left leg by the way?

    is there anything i can do to fix this and help her?

    please someone help.

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    Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? That could be a problem, as well as an injury. How old is she?
    Mareks can affect a leg or a wing, or both extremeties, as well as paralyzing the neck in some cases. It can cause tumors, and in some cases eye problems. I would start some poultry vitamins in the water or food in case of a vitamin deficiency. You may want to place her in a cage inside the house to observe her more closely, and force her to rest the leg if it is injured. Here are some links to read about Mareks:
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    Hello I am a new member.

    I have a chicken that got scared by a dog that came in our yard and she flew off the back veranda and has landed on her legs and now is injured her leg. She has been brought inside and she is laying down and when she gets up she won't put her leg down. I feel she is stressed as she is panting. She is about 3 years old. She is a Rhode Island Red. I am not sure what to do. Should I just keep her quiet and keep an eye on her?

    I hope someone can help.



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