My hens pupils are small, and eyes are changing color! Help!!


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Apr 25, 2011
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The last couple days I have noticed my Buckeye and Golden Sex Link hens eyes' are looking weird. First of all, they are healthy, lay eggs and are about a year old. Last Friday both of their eyes are turning lighter. Instead of an orange/deep yellow they are turning lighter yellow and the pupils are smaller. Then the next morning in the GSL's right eye I saw burgundy colored squareish shape with white on the sides of the burgundy, and her pupil is starting to point down that direction! Is this ocular mareks? Help!

GSL's Right eye

Right eye again

Buckeyes right eye

Buckeyes left eye

Is this just a spring time thing? Or is it some sort of disease?
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Looks like your girls are getting old. I bet if you take a peek at their legs and skin, they are also turning white and no longer have the youthful yellow to them.

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