My hens were attacked a few months ago...

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8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
and I have several of the hens that survived (we lost 25 ttl) that have not "feather healed" yet...

however...the more I look at this; it looks more like the Roo mounts THESE two hens more than any others as they are missing MORE and MORE of their feathers....


Now this poor turken hen....she really didi look like this, but not THIS SEVERE after the attack...she had lost a TON of feathers everywhere...but she is losing more and more now... the other hens feathers are growing back...slowly...but not her..she's getting worse and worse!!

ok, well she's already moulted once..and just came out of it a few months ago; along w/the rest of them...
but then she was attacked and lost a TON of feathers when attacked..but now she just looks worse/n worse almost everyday...

just thought maybe she had something wrong..??
well I can handle the moulting then!

The Roo is going to stock tomorrow; he is a MEAN MEAN NASTY VICIOUS Roo since the attack...
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