My husband almost made me faint at TSC.

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  1. briana1975

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    Feb 23, 2009
    Carleton Mi.
    We have our first chickens and turkeys and I am really enjoying them. [​IMG] My husband likes to build stuff and was willing to build whatever I needed for the chickens but that was it. [​IMG] He doesn't want to have to mess with the chickens or turkeys AT ALL, he says. Last week he has started coming to the feathered side. [​IMG] Now he says he might like to help collect eggs. And he likes to talk to the turkeys with his turkey calls. And now that the chicks and turkeys are out in the coop he comes out with me to watch them. [​IMG] But the most amazing thing of all happened tonight at TSC. He looked at the incubatores and said "maybe you should try hatching eggs next." Can you belive it! [​IMG] I can't belive it. I would love to try and hatch some eggs. [​IMG] Now I have something new to search on BYC. I am very lucky to have a great hubby![​IMG]
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    Jun 4, 2007
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    Thats awesome!!!!! Mine is the same way [​IMG]
  3. tn chick

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    Dec 19, 2008
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    [​IMG] for special hubbies [​IMG]
    mine is a good chicken dad too
  4. lockedhearts

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    Apr 29, 2007
    Mine builds and builds and he never says a word if I drive several hours to pick up chickens or anything about bringin eggs in. He also loves to watch them hatch and fusses over them too. I think I will keep him [​IMG]
  5. LilbitChicken

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    May 5, 2009
    [​IMG] My hubby is the same, won't trade him for the world!
    This weekend will be the completion of our first coop!He has been working so hard....he works all day, then works on the coop FOR ME.
    We get our chickens SUnday![​IMG]
    He's doing it for me. [​IMG]
  6. briana1975

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    Feb 23, 2009
    Carleton Mi.
    Quote:We have our chickens already. But we are still finishing our coop. My husband is the same, works all day then comes home and we work on the coop. Tuesday night we were out till 10:30pm. [​IMG]
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  7. texaschickmama

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Poolville, TX
    They always see it our way.................. [​IMG] eventually!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. BigSkyChickens

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    Apr 3, 2009
    Pleasant Hill, CA
    I wouldn't even HAVE my chickens until next year, if it were not for my DBF, who insisted that we go to the feed store that morning, just to "check it out".....
  9. EricShane

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    Tell him how much "Cheaper" it will be in the long run, for you to hatch your own chicks!
  10. cstacatto

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    Apr 30, 2009
    [​IMG] this forum makes me smile lol.......i have it the other way around, where my fiancee thinks im crazy every time i bring home a new animal. But then just the other day she goes....think we can order some of those magpie ducks? [​IMG] I was like Definitely....after i picked my jaw up off of the floor. hehehe yay for supportive significant others? hehehe:love

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