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Feb 28, 2011
So, we are new to chicks and I got 2 new EE yesterday. They are sweet and 5 days old today. Last night the poor chick chirped ALL night. It has food, water, heat lamp at 95 and there is no draft. It will stop as soon as i pick it up, its almost like its lonely, although there are 2. Any ideas why? What can I do to put them at more ease? Thanks for the help!!
Sometimes they take a while to settle you could try a soft toy in with them to act as a mother type comforter and see if it helps
I had something in there with them and it didn't seem to help. I think they want to be with the older chicks, but then they get picked on
they will settle down. sometimes they are real chirpy for a day or so and then they calm and settle. give them some time and see. if everything is clean and warm for them then they just need time to adjust
Can you pick a really calm, sweet older chick and add that to the 'newbies' brooder?
I usually take the youngest/smallest of my older batch and put it in with the 'newborns' when I'm running the incubator. The older chick shows them all about eating and drinking.
Is it getting too much light? meaning white light? I have my chicks in the basement (old, yucky, dirt everywhere) and I make sure they get the white light off for half of every day so they will sleep.
Get a feather duster. Hang it so it dangles in the brooder, about 1/2 inch from the floor. Chicks love, love, love to cuddle with the feathers like a momma hen. I hang mine in the outer edge of the heat, so it is still warm for them.

Grass clippings are fine, but be sure to give the chicks a dish, bowl or small container of sand or grit. I give all my bator hatched chicks a container (sandwich sized) of sand at 3 days of age. Chicks will scratch and peck thru the sand/dirt and start to bathe in it - as new growing feathers are itchy.
I also often move the older "runt" in with the younger crowd. In my mind it gives them more confidence.

Right now I have a bunch of banties that literally think some 3 week old turkey poults are their mothers. I'll let you know how that turns out later!!!!!!!!!!
I think you need more...


My chickies are good enough enablers themselves, they just need me to take pictures of them and share them with unsuspecting victi- ehh.. Err.. I mean.. Fellow chicken lovers.

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