My husband keeps telling me........


9 Years
May 1, 2010
Alvarado, TX
Stop............ in a soft voice! LMAO ya like that will work.

I am not on hatch 14 chicks are chirping in the incubator here in my bed room and I have 3 more incubators 1 of the 3 has 42 eggs due to hatch a week from now.
2 empty and I am contemplating my next war strategy ......war of the chicken math mwwwwaaaaaaaaaahhaaa!

Maybe in a few days I will set some more. I love my LG incubators and even thinking about buying another one.
Haha! I have 15 chicks right now, more hatching, and just cleaned the incubator only to pack more

eggs in it!
I use little giants too. Not the best in my opinion, but it works, and actually gives me

good hatch rates - as long as it's in a temp. stable room

Happy Hatching!

Yea my room is now temp controlled for the summer ........

As for the roos well they taste really good and most of them sell pretty good.
I sell a lot of them and it helps me buy chick feed for the ones I do keep. I keep a couple of the females so I can add to my flock more eggs the better. I also sell eggs.
My hubby is an enabler. Not only did he ride with me to pick up fertile eggs once my silkie went broody, he got me a roo today so I will have my own next time I get a broody.
And I have 5 ducks, only want 3 so would really like to sell 2, but he keeps talking me out of it.
LOL My hubby watches from afar and I guess enables me as well. Every time he's planning a trip home, he starts in with "what do we have to do in the chicken pen/coop while I'm home?" Poor guy is home on average of 4 days a month and 2 or 3 of those days i'm workin his butt off in the chicken pen!! Next weeks visit we'll be putting the roof on the run finally and redoing the interior of the coop.
I wish mine was an enabler lol,

My old man softly complains about how much they eat ......and about how LOUD they get lol........I like all the chirping.

I do all the coop details though and I build them and the brooders my self. He grew up on a farm and says he hated it.

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