my idea to house ducks and chickens

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    May 7, 2008
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    I have finished the chicken coop and run... and the ducks are a tad jealous I think. I have also moved the framework that is going to be the duck coop in position to begin construction (once the rain stops). I plan to have both runs butt up against one another. I am thinking now, that maybe I will just combine the run area. The ducks hardly use any space and never destroy the grass...

    I have my run set up with a divider and a door to lock off one area. I think I am going to combine the runs and leave one area closed (so that grass can grow back.) Once it grows back, I will lock the other side up.. and continue with that pattern.

    I can almost bet, that seeing the chickens will have access to the duck coop, that they may end up sleeping in there some.
    Doesn't matter to me, I will just make an area specifically for the ducks that the chickens can't poop on them!

    here is the door in the chicken run... there is wire all down the middle of the run to separate it.


    This is where the new duck run and house will be....
    the duck run will be taller than the chicken run so that
    I can get in it and take care of the pool.



    this is where the duck house will be...

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    Looks like a good plan!

    I wish there were some way to give the run a break and let it grass back up for my chickens - they are better than agent orange at denuding greenery!
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    fantastic setup!!!

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