My idiotic hen ate a lizard

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    May 26, 2013
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    So I'm outside yesterday putzing around the yard. I hear a commotion and look up to see my hen Mahalo racing in circles with something in her mouth. Behind her follows 3 other excited birds. So curiosity gets the best of me so I go over to see what she's found. I glimpse legs so now I'm even more curious, hoping all the while it's not a mouse. As I get closer I see it's some lizard like thing so I go into panic mode thinking it could be a newt and knowing they are poisonous. I grab the first weapon I can find, a stick, not for the bird but hoping I can startle her to drop it. So there I am wielding a stick looking very neanderthal-ish and thanking the lord for the hundredth time that we don't have neighbors. She loses it for only a few seconds and Mr. Reptile makes a dash, but completely in vain, but enough that I can clearly see it isn't a newt but just a regular lizard. Long story short, I know I've never told a short story in my life!!, Mr. Lizard gets to be lunch, I'm nauseous, oh and out of breath because let's be real I don't run unless I have to or lives are on the line. IMG_20190516_130115.jpg Sorry I'm not a great photographer
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    Yup, mine have eaten toads and mice :sick they amazingly suffered no ill effects.
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    Toads, mice, lizards, and the occasional garter snake. I could never get used watching my sweet girls fight over a snake :eek:

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