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    Hi Everyone!!

    I just wanted to share some pictures of my new additions.. All 30 (so far) of them!

    Blue Orpington pullet and Golden Laced Wyandotte pullet about 5-6 weeks old
    Left - Wheaton Ameraucana pullet, right - Blue Orpington pullet

    2 backyard mixes brought to me today by my mother who only knows about them what she was told. She brought them to me because they're not laying yet and she doesn't want to wait. She was told they are both 4 months old mixed breed pullets. I'm thinking the one on the left has some Sumatra in it and the one on the right, maybe some black australorp. Does anyone have any opinion on these guys? Sorry I don't have better pictures.. They just came before I took the pic, they're not settled in yet so they really weren't posing for me.

    (3) 2 day old silver sebrights, (2) 1 day old mixes (white leghorn or golden comet hen covered by a white silkie roo). I'm pretty sure one hatched out of a white (leghorn's) egg and the other a brown egg.

    (3) 2 day old Blue Cochin Bantams, (3) 2 day old Buff Orpingtons, and (3) 2 day old mixes, same possible combo from last picture.

    (2) 3 day old Silver Laced Wyndottes and (11) 3 day old barnyard mixes from my (2) white silkie roos, (1)white leghorn and (2) golden comets.

    My question is where did the brown coloring and markings come from on this chick? [​IMG]
    I have 2 that came out this color, one has feathered legs, they both have 4 toes but the leg color is different.. One light, one dark.
    Some of my mixes have black spots, some are yellow like they'll grow up to be white, and some are reddish yellow like they'll grow up to be red. Of 14 of my mixes that hatched so far, (11) have 5 toes, (5) have 4 toes and only (2) have feathered legs. Some have light legs but (I think) more have dark legs.
    I love the purebreds because there's a breed standard so you know pretty much what the chicks will look like. You also have an idea what type of temperament they'll have, based on breed specific research, though there can be exceptions like my super friendly, not flighty (at all) white leghorn, Pearl. Anyway, getting to my point.. Lately I'm thinking raising mixes may be more mysterious and exciting for me. I'm just raising backyard chickens here. My son is going to start a little egg selling business and I may sell some chicks in the spring but I could separate everyone to ensure purebred babies if I want to.
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    So cute! [​IMG] I have a mixed flock, too. Barred Rocks, White Rocks, Black Austras, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and Easter Eggers. Whenever anyone went brood, half the fun was waiting to see what kind of chicks came!
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