My less than stellar hatching....

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Knight Hawk Ranch, Jan 30, 2009.

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    I pretty much know why I had such a poor hatching. This is the worse hatch rate I have had...ever.
    I had 8 Golden Sebright eggs (shipped), 10 Barred Rock eggs (shipped) and 20 RIR (mine).

    The GS were put in first and actually had 3 hatch, two died right away and the 3rd died after about 4 days. I am not sure what happened with him/her as it seamed alright and then just kinda gave up and died.

    By the time I knew what the problem was it was too late to do anything about and it was time for the Barred Rock and RIR to hatch. I had to help a couple out of the egg . Several never even pipped though I knew there were chicks in there.

    I ended up with 4 Barred Rock and 3 RIR.


    My problem was my incubator had been moved and the temps/humidity did not stay steady enough. The chicks hatched around day 23-26 (last one and had to help it out). I had one chick that was a flipper and finally righted itself after 2 days in the sock on a heating pad. Then of course the unknown reason the Sebright chick died.

    DH really didn't believe me about the location of the incubator. It is an old still air LG and I have had 80-95% hatch rates with it last year with it on my kitchen counter in a corner. Less airflow=stable temps/humidity with this particular incubator.

    Needless to say, the incubator is back on the counter for the next hatching.
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    I had an issue with placement also glad ya figured it out sorry you got a bad hatch on the Sebrights I love those ...

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