My little chicken leg was broken accidentally


Jul 23, 2019
My 2months old little chicken leg was broken i accidentally through a stick and she was there her leg broken

Her leg was swing no more action

Plz help me
I need to save her
It's my mistake and I need to solve
Help me
I'm sorry this happened. How well it may heal depends on where the break is and how badly it's broken. This may help you, lots of good information on examining and splinting.


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Sorry this accident happened, but you should not beat yourself up, and you are trying to help. What part of the leg was broken? The drawing below can help identify which bone. I have never had a broken bone in a chicken, but the lower leg heals easier that the upper leg and hip. Splinting should be done with something stiff such as popsicle sticks and padding, and an outer layer of elastic vet wrap, non-adhesive bandage, or tape. The area above and below the break should be splinted, and check circulation often to make sure that the splint is not too tight and cutting off circulation. Splinting is best done by a vet who can xray or examine the leg, but make sure that the leg is in a natural position. Good luck.
I just find an IMG
Where it's happen

I put a orange mark


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So, not being able to see or feel the break, you will maybe need to splint both above and below the joint in order to stabilize it. I just can't say without being able to see it. You have to put the break back in as normal position as possible and splint it to hold it there. The closer it is to normal position the better it will heal. The closer it is to the joint, the more likely it is to move. You may also need to use a chicken sling (examples below) for periods to take the weight off and let it rest. You do need to make sure it doesn't hurt itself more by struggling in the sling. You can also prop it up with some rolled bath towels to help it stay more upright and be able to reach feed and water if it won't tolerate a sling. REALLY important that you not wrap too tightly when splinting, or have materials that rub and cause irritation. Swelling can happen even days later, you have to make sure that any wrapping does not become too tight and cut off circulation.


Thank u so much for help
I done padding and apply pop

And i arrange sling toooo

Still now she's fine

And yes i cant find where split happen

Then padding entire leg

Yes i put in natural position

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