My Little Hen Does NOT like Roosters!!!!!!!!

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    Sep 26, 2012
    I got a little hen, she is maybe 8 inches tall. Looks like an Americana, I put her with the bantams. She was fine for a short while.
    Then she got so she would not go into the coop at night. She always ran from the roosters. Then we got 10 Americana and 7 Black Copper Marans. When they were about 6 wks we put them in an outside coop with her. They were almost the same size) She seemed quite happy for a couple of months as they got older she would just walk between their legs to get to the feeder and chase the treats we but into the ranging area, She returned to the coop every night. Then two of the Americanas started to crow, they turned out to be roosters. When they tried to cover her, she flew the coop again. .

    What I forgot to mention is she was alone, then another hen.a Rode Island Red, started following her up to the trees at night.We put the RI into the coop with the little hen and the 17 new ones, the, the RI was young but older than the little one. Everybody was getting along just fine. Then on night she didn't come home. Then another night she didn't come home.Then the RI started going up the tree again with her.Then one of the Americana hens from the flock we had her in started staying out all night. This went on for two nights. So I got them into the run before I let the chickens out, same run she was happy in. Opened the door to let the 15 hens and 2 roosters out, and all hell broke out. Both of the rooster were chasing her and she was screaming. Then all the other chickens ( we have six different coops) started squawking. It was a horrible noise. I carried her out to another coop , (left the RI and AM) this coop has baby bantams we hatched. They are about 10 weeks old. There are 8 all together in this coop. Apparently 3 of these are roosters. Three out of eight started running after her and trying to cover her. She freaks out again. I brought her into the screen room. She settled down. Walked around and seemed happy. I left the door open for her and sure enough as sun set she went to her tree. She goes way out on a little branch that I'm surprised would hold her. She has never laid an egg that we know about and we have had her for about a year and a half. We got her because we wanted to increase our bantam flock. Brought her home and she seemed sooooo small next to them. Is there a chicken smaller than a bantam?

    I don't know what to do with her. Should I let her stay in the tree at night? We do have raccoons. So far none have gotten her. She comes to the back door for a hand out and hangs out there most of the day. I'm afraid to lock her up with roosters so much bigger than her, I'm afraid they will hurt her. Any in put would be appreciated. She is truly a live lawn ornament. Thank You for any input.

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