My little weirdo


8 Years
May 13, 2011
A couple of weeks ago I wrote on here saying that I hoped one of my chicks was a rooster b/c she was so skittish and every time I reached in the brooder she would violently run around, running over anyone in her path. I was really worried for the other girls. Well, yesterday we cleaned out their brooder, and for us it's a lengthy process of completely removing the girls from their habitat and taking the brooder outside to dump to cut down on the allergens being stirred up indoors. While my boyfriend was outside doing that I got a wild hair and decided to grab the squawking Loretta (feisty chick). It took her about a minute to calm down but once she did she was like putty in my arms. I took her into the living room and sat with her. She stayed on my and let me pet her without any fight at all. I took her outside and put her on the ground but she chose to climb back on my arm instead and then, when I very gently placed her back in the brooder, she didn't run away and instead came back to my hands to be picked up again. It was such a great feeling. Of course, a few hours after they'd been back in their freshly cleaned brooder, she was back to her old skittish ways, but that didn't surprise me b/c I'd read about such things in this forum.

Now, this morning I went to change their water first thing and when I lifted the brooders lid, Loretta flew up to greet me. She was a bit unsteady when I grabbed her but then we settled into our private bonding time again and she was just fine. I think this girl just wants to be free. I'm so glad we've had this time though. Now I just laugh when she's being a complete nut job. But, I'm still very cautious not to get her feathers in a ruffle while the other girls are around. She's 4 weeks along with 2 others and then I have 2 two week olds. She's the biggest in the bunch! My crazy little SLW.

Just wanted to share. Happy Sunday!
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