my lotto numbers hit!


10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
christiansburg, VA
...well, three of the six did. i win $5.50.
good things are coming my way! first time i've ever had more than one number hit!
woooo hoooo congrats,
I would love to hit the 5 whites one day then again I would really love to get the big one. Good luck on the next one.
you can buy lottery tickets for any state (or most) online and play that way. if you hit the jackpot, the plane trip would be worth it!

i don't play very often. only when i have change, which is seldom because i don't usually carry cash. but when i have some change, i'll grab a ticket or two. this time, i get some money back! i think i'll just get five tickets with the winnings. gotta invest in my future
Yay! Congrats to you!! My hubby won five of the six on 7/7/07, we won like six grand. Let me tell you, we sure needed it at that time. Funny how things work out for us, huh? Who knows, maybe next time you may be the BIG winner, right?

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