My mares, Pie and Lacy...Before and after..


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
Chenango Forks NY
Just wanted to share an update on the 2 mares that I got a few weeks ago. They are looking way way better and training is going great with the grey, Lacy.

Before: this is the day after I got them

This is Pie now, a few months later getting ready to go on a trail ride. (She is standing on a slight incline

This is Lacy now getting ready to be ponied on the trail ride. We were told that she was green broke but found out pretty quick that the owners did much less with her then they said. Please excuse all the mud, of course she decided to lead us on a merry chase through the muddy paddock before allowing us to catch her. She was hosed off after the trail ride, one of her favorite things!

We have also since found out that they are both between 12-15 years old..


9 Years
Apr 4, 2010
They are looking great. I am glad they are being used and given attention now.
I think that is the perfect age for horses.

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