My mice and hamster


Oct 15, 2018
California, United States
I have 10 mice.
Group 1 - three girls that live together:
  • Sage, a blue chinchilla colored show-type mouse
  • Starling, a self black colored show-type mouse
  • Olive, a blue fox colored show-type mouse
Group 2 - three more girls that live together:
  • Amber, a variegated blue(?) colored pet-type mouse
  • Brooke, a broken brindle colored pet-type mouse
  • River, a broken black colored pet-type mouse
Group 3 - Two girls that I just recently got this weekend that live together:
  • Unnamed, a siamese show-type mouse
  • Unnamed, a black tan show-type mouse
And finally, two boys that live in different cages:
  • Scout, I have no idea of his color lol, he's an unusual color, pet-type mouse
  • Jack, an albino one-eyed pet-type mouse
I also have 1 albino/REW campbell's dwarf hamster named Cloud

My show-type mice come from a breeder that breeds them to look different from pet-type mice, they have longer tails, big ears, and a different body composition from a normal pet shop mouse.

My pet-type mice come from a variety of places. Most are from a local pet store. Jack, the one-eyed mouse was rescued from the "back room" at a Petco store. They keep animals in the back room that they are unable to sell on display for a variety of reasons and adopt them out for a small fee that is donated to help shelter animals. I don't know why Jack has one eye, they didn't tell me, but it doesn't affect him at all, he's just a happy normal little mouse and super sweet! My hamster is also from the back room, he was back there for behavioral issues because he was bullying the other hamsters on the display.

So now, onto the pictures!
Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:

The boys:

My hammy:
I also wanted to remember my sweet Blossom in this thread, she recently passed at 2 and a half years old, which is very, very elderly for a mouse. They usually live 1-2 years. Here is a video of her eating a birthday cake with her friends :)
You say show type, do people really show mice? Im just curious. They are really cute, look like the mice from Cinderella!
Yes, they do! I don't live close enough to where the shows are, otherwise I'd probably take my mice just for fun, even if I don't breed. This is the official site of the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association, or AFRMA for short. It is a club that people interested in showing mice and rats can join. They have shows with judges and prizes. Rats are more common for show, but mice are shown too. This is not my photo, but here's a comparison of a show type mouse vs a pet type, they are very different in looks! They actually can live together though. Despite being much bigger, I find show type mice to be much more peaceful and less likely to fight. The size also depends on the breeder's lines, my show mice are a bit smaller than in this picture, certain breeders breed for certain traits. There are even "short eared" fancy mice, which are very interesting, they have like little mini ears instead of the big ones like normal show-type mice have!


Sorry for going on and on, I love mice so much and could talk about them all day lol.

Thank you! :)

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