My mini-coop... a converted rabbit hutch


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May 6, 2009
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My Coop
My Coop
I just finished adding a lower level to my mini-coop made from a converted rabbit hutch. I added it for my two EE chicks, so that they can get out of the garage. They also can socialize with my older and much bigger barnevelder "chicks" that are 3 months old.

I've really have no experience with a skill saw or drill so I was amazed I got it done by myself with out help from my DH
I even made a side door and a 12"x14" nest box to go inside. The lower level will make a great broody pen in the future. The upper section also has a nest box that has external access. I was thinking that the upper level could be used temporary breeding pen for a pair or trio. Both levels can be used for juveniles.

Now that I proved to myself that I can build something... on to my next project...The BIG Coop!


Here is a picture of two of my Barnevelder pullets checking out the newbies Violet and Daisy my 4 week old EE chicks.

I got the hutch off Craigslist for $20. My DH tar papered the roof and finished with aspalt shingles. He did the external nest box, added side panels and some extra bracing. There was all that wasted space under the legs. So, I made use of it! In the future I want to add two small covered runs off of it. One run for each level.

Now I want to build a 4'x4' coop that is 6' to 8' high and two levels!

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