My Mustang's Story ( I felt the need to share)


The Odd One
11 Years
Apr 7, 2011
Montgomery, Alabama
Almost 9 years ago I met the most awesome horse I have ever ridden and his name was Mister. He had a great personality. His ground manners were awesome. He was amazing under saddle and bareback. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. I had stayed the night at his owners' house with my cousin Nicole because she didn't want to stay another night by herself. Neither Nicole nor me could get along with their daughter very well, but I wasn't going to leave my cousin there by herself if she wanted me to stay. The next day we got to go horseback riding and the second they knew I liked Mister, they put me on him. Me being only 11 or 12 at the time, I didn't think that they were setting it up so they could dump him on me one day. For 4 years after that he was the only horse I rode when I went to stay with them. There was only one instance when I didn't ride him and that was because they were trying to sell a 2 year old TWH to me. He was awesome, but he was a stud and his training wasn't done. I lost touch with them for about 6 months and then they showed up one to see if I wanted to go stay with them for the weekend. When I saw Mister, I didn't even know it was him. There was so much white in his strawberry roan coat and he was so skinny. My 'friend's' step dad had run off on them and left Mister there for them to take care of. In the end they had to feed him dog food to keep him alive. When they took me home, they asked me if I wanted him. They'd sell him to me for $100. I went home and scrapped as much metal as I could find in the yard and it still was no where near enough. My dad decided that if Mister was in as bad of shape as I said he was we'd get him. When my dad saw him, he honestly didn't think Mister would make it through the week, even with us. It was difficult when we got him home. No one could touch him but me. Mom was convinced we had made a mistake. I stuck by Mister because my parents didn't know him like I did. I knew he was a fighter. We renamed him StarBuck and gave him a bath, then had to wait out the week to see what would happen. He started to fill out and he had more energy. My mom gave up looking for a dead horse every morning. He has come so far.

It has now been 5 1/2 years since we got StarBuck. He can be a pain sometimes and we don't ride anymore, but I love that horse. I wouldn't give him up for all the money in the world. My mom is afraid of horses, but she still loves him. My dad is always making sure I take him what's let of the watermelon when we get one. He and my brother don't get along all that well, since Star is still really touchy about men other than my dad being near him. My sil loves him and even had the chance to ride him once. My nieces love him to death. He's very, very careful around children. He would never hurt a child on purpose. He does bite or kick, but he is very willful. He turned 19 this year and you could never tell by looking at him. StarBuck is honestly my best friend and he will live comfortably here with us until his time comes.

This is him at the very end of the coop.
I came up with Star, because one of our favorite times to ride was at night. They lived way out in the middle of nowhere and the stars where beautiful. Dad came up with Buck because, as he puts it, he had to have bucked at some point in his life.
What an AWESOME story!!!!! Good for you for sticking by him.

We rescued a pair of horses last year, a mare and a gelding. Both mustangs. They were skinny and in ill health. We were able to bring the around health wise, but lacked the time and attention they required to be really good horses, and recently rehomed them to a family with a large barn, stay at home with experience and kids that taking riding lessons. We got them free and gave them away.

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