My mutt EE a Roo or girlie? I guessed so wrong last time I'm not even attempting!


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
Plant City, FL.
Thanks for looking!
That's what I was learning towards :( I love how weird and cooky my EE's are and this one is just the same...But so weird bc "typically" roosters are supposed to feather slower and this one was so fast at feathering I was hoping pullet...Tks so much!
Yes, that is an Easter Egger rooster. I see pointed sickle feathers, the coloring is patchy/red on the wings, and the comb is red and prominent for a pullet.
WAAAAHHHH! Anyone want him!!? :( My EE one I have now is my FAVORITE...such a sweet and respectful boy. Big boy, but he's not confrontational at all! First Roo we have been able to keep and I plan on babying him! I don't want him to feel like he has to compete with anyone but I love this little guy...he's really flighty and funny. Typical EE behavior from our EE's

Thanks so much...

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