My nearly 3-wk old coturnix need to go out to the shop


12 Years
Oct 1, 2011
Please tell me they'll survive the chilly weather! It's been 28 at night here this week, but usually it's in the 30s at night, 50s-60s in the day. We'll have them in an out-building, fully enclosed, with 2 lights for them, but it'll be 64ish in there.

They have their feathers, and they're getting big. The brooders we have them in just aren't adequate now. Last night, I found 3 birds wandering in my living room at 1am. Ha! Can't do that again. THey fly up, bonk their heads on the lid of the brooder, and knock it loose so they can escape. Not a good set up.

So, what to do? At 3 weeks, can they be OK living in the shop?
What's the temp. in the shop?

I would assume they will be ok there, but 3 week old coturnix are no match for 28 deg. F temps.
We put 2 lights and the thermometer in the cage in the shop, and it registered around 64. Not that warm but certainly no drafts. And, there are 31 of them, so they can huddle for warmth.

Should I put them out tonight????

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