My new auction bargain Australorps might be egg-eaters


12 Years
Nov 19, 2007
I am really upset because I bought 6 black Australorps 3 weeks ago, and since then I find one egg eaten every day in the nests. I think someone may have sold me their egg-eating chickens.
I really do not want to make chicken stew and I'd rather keep them. Since they free-range I don't want to keep them in a pen, since it defeats the point of having free-rangers. I even put fake eggs in the nest but it hasn't stopped.

Should I re-sell them at auction with an "egg-eater" warning? any advice?


12 Years
Oct 11, 2007
Gervais OR
Oh that is so frustrating. There are some good ideas on this forum about how to deal with egg eating chickens. Do try the search feature to see what others have done. I think some folks just get rid of those either by the soup pot method or through auction. It would be helpful if you were able to catch the culprit in the act so you could separate her as well. Good luck...


11 Years
12 Years
Jan 25, 2008
You could look at using a "roll-out" nest box. If the fake eggs have not helped the situation, I would try making or buying a roll-out nest box. These are nest boxes with a slanted floor, so once the hen lays, the eggs "roll-out" out of the nest box and out of the hen's reach, until you come around to collect them later. They can be used just like any other nest, you just make sure that the hens can't get a hold of the eggs after they're laid.

This would probably be the most effective solution to your problem, especially since you do not want to get rid of them.

I would leave a reasonable(!!) review to the seller, simply stating that you were sold egg-eaters, just so the other potential buyers have a heads-up.


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