my new babies!


7 Years
Apr 3, 2012
Hi everyone! i am new to BYC and we just got our first chickens !we just picked up our 11 new babies and 2 6 day olds that we hatched!!! so cute! i now have... 4 Red X 4 barred plymoth rock 3 columbian rock and 2 bantam spangled hamurgs :) the bantams are 6 days old now but the others are day-olds. i'll post some pics when i get some good ones :)
Yay! The Spangled Hamburgs are adorable. My sister wanted to get one for showmanship in 4-H

Congrats on the new flock!!
Hi - do you think my bantam is a spangled hamburg too?

Here she is at one week, all white with some faint speckles on her.

And here she is now at 6 weeks. It's hard to get a good pic, they are pretty quick!! She is the the black/white one.

Here is a shot with my other bantam Cinderella, the brown/black one.

To the left of Cinderella is Goldilocks and behind her is Ariel, two of my golden sex links.
your chickens are adorable! hmmm my bantam chicks are mostly yellow with all black backs, they look alot different from yours, but in the older pics they look like spangled hamburgs, so yes i would say the black and white one is a spangled hamburg! :) here is a pic of a spangled hamburg chicken


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