My new baby


8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
Yes, I am running an orphanage. And this is my newest baby, assuming I can keep her alive, she didn't get any colostrum so ended up with navel ill and is temporarily blind, but the swelling has gone and her eyes are starting to clear, so hopefully we are nearly out of the woods.




I'm afraid to get to excited, she's doing well, but I know she could crash fast. Today she has been doing baby bucks! The last calf I had (only a week ago) didn't go so well, and it was completely my fault, and I still feel horrible, so I soo need this baby to do well.

I also have her half sister and she had joint ill as a baby, and she's turned out ok,

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I love cows. I just love the ones that don't have the very slinky skin and fill it out very well. With very broad fore hads tha I can put my palm on. One day I will have a herd of 20+ Cattle. Did I say I love cows?
Beautiful cow! And the dog looking at her with such a concern

How nice!
Let us know of her progress - I love cows too, but my property is too small for them.
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So far so good, I'll post more pics as she gets older, yesterday she started doing baby hops, she wants to play after her bottles (I'm once again sad about losing the other one, they would have made such a cute pair and she would have had another calf to play with). I definately have to get some pics of her bounces. The dog is my sister in law's dog Ally, she has her faults, but she's a heck of a livestock dog. And I have to say, I love the markings on her ears!

So Matthew3590 you like the ones with tighter shin? I LOVE the brahman influence! That's what gives these girls their loose skin (although Drama (the black cow) has less), I just love the loose skin and big ears! And the baby I lost had the biggest ears!

Here are some more pics of the babies born this year, these, sadly, are not mine, and not the greatest pics, I let a few of the kids go with me and it stirred the herd up abit, they aren't use to seeing them,
Looks like someone blacked this one's eyes,


This one was born the same day as the one I lost, the black cow closest is my new babies mom,

And these were taken a few months ago, these babies are bigger now,

I need a new pic of this one, he is soooo flippen cute!

And this one is a full sister to my yearling heifer I raised last year,

Brat as a baby, I don't see the resemblance,
(I'm once again sad about losing the other one, they would have made such a cute pair and she would have had another calf to play with).

All of us that foster babies lose some. I lost two of four bottle baby kids I brought home last week.
It can get frustrating but focusing on the ones that thrive under our care helps a lot.
So, enjoy that cute big earred bouncing baby! That is usually a good sign that she is feeling good.

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