My new button quail pen!!!


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12 Years
Oct 15, 2007
Elyria, OH
Thanks to DBF and his parents, my buttons now have a nice big home!!! His parents used to breed cats so he picked up a couple of their old cages. We rewired some of it, and he built a wood frame with a slide-out tray for easy cleaning. No more pine shavings in their waterer!!!! Going to do another one today for my jumbo coturnix who at 3 weeks, have quickly outgrown their aquarium brooder. Can't wait to get them in their new home with lots of room too!!! Here's a pic of my happy little buttons in their new home:

Very nice!!

I like the little wood hut he built and put in for them, too!

Now if my husband would just stop fooling around with his goats long enough, I could get some more work out of him
Thanks! He's so creative. When he first brought them over I looked and thought no way will those work. The cages just sat on a piece of plywood covered with linoleum tiles. How would I clean it?? Can't use pine shavings because they'd fall right out. Can't let the buttons run on linoleum - too slippery. So back home he went and 3 hours later, I got the perfect cage!!!!

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