My new chicks!


Mar 25, 2018
Hi everyone! My name is Laila and i'm 18 years old. I love animals especially chickens. I do not use my chickens for meat . I just got six new chicks, and i'm getting six more next week. I named two of them Eleven, and Quinn. They are so beautiful, but they don't have there feathers yet, so were keeping them in a very large cage with a heat lamp and all of there supplies inside, until they get there feathers.
If any of you have chicks, tell me there names!! Have a fantastic day! --Laila
Welcome to BYC! I am getting chicks next week from Murray McMurray. There will be a total of 40-41 chicks. (I'm splitting with a friend that doesn't want to raise chicks so don't worry ;)) :wee
I just got 20 chicks three weeks ago they are in a boorder also. Mine will be ready next week to go into their permanent home.

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