My new Chix are here!!


8 Years
May 26, 2011
29 omg!!! My first chix ever, have just one question atm. They were shipped to me by mail, there and i have 25 hens and 4 Roos, but they got over the divider in the box some how, How do i tell them apart? Half are for my friend and 2 of the roos are hers...
Congratulations on your new chicks!
I don't have a ton of experience with this and I'm sure that someone will come along with a much more concrete answer, but I think that you may not be able to tell until they are older. Unless the hatchery put a paint mark on their head. I've seen that done before. You may have to just split them up, raise them and then if you find that one of you has all the roosters, switch them up. Again, I hope that someone else has a more productive answer for you. Have fun loving those little babies!

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