my new cochin chicks...pic


10 Years
Apr 14, 2009
upstate NY
I got the cutest lil cochin chicks from PeepsInc at the tail gate sale.

Any ideas what the color/s will be when they get bigger. I'm only showing ya one pic, but i have more and individual ones as well.


All are doing great, they difinitly got a lilttle spring in their
They're eating like little piggies too. So, they'll be big in no time.

Thanks for looking and all of the info you can give me...

They are beautiful, I am concerned about the poo on the right. It looks bloody. Hopefully I am seeing wrong. It is early.

Watch them.
I don't know- looks like you might get 3 blacks and one blue. The one on the far right is a toss up. I had a pale yellow/blue one turn completely black. Not that I have anything against black! Cochins are great- in any size & color!
Don't you just LOVE them? I recently got a 7 month old roo from Star Cochin's here in Ga. I had a mean roo and replaced him with a breed I knew would be sweet and gentle. He's so sweet we named him Albert he just didn't seem like a Bart or Red or any of the tough Rooster names out there. I could go on and on about how great I think they are!!!
You know the only complaint I have with him is he free ranges all day and his little feathered feet get red and irritated if the grass is wet but he gets very depressed if his wives go out without him.

you can see his feet do get red around the featers
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Hmmm, I was gonna say 3 different shades of blue and one black. Shows what I know

When my BBS Ameraucanas hatch out like that, they usually end up various shades of blue and the blacks are always black from the start.
I've been checking their butts too, b/c they're so little....

and they look ok, i don't know why the poo is that color except i did used a flash taking the pic...

so you don't think that one that's all light blueish could be a lavender or something? there's no other color to her... I think i'm naming her Trudy. Don't know why tho...

So my next question would be, at an adult age, should they have the two colors, like the one with the darker wings, or will that grow out?

what is the correct shade of blue? maybe that should be my question then....

I love'em so far, but i've only had them since Sunday. And now my son wants them....

oh well.

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